Zero Trust Security Flow

Last Updated on August 29, 2021 by rudyooms

Everything is about Zero trust security, you will need to implement it.  There are a lot of articles written about zero-trust security the last few months. Some examples:

Zero Trust Security (

Take the Zero Trust Assessment (

How to best explain zero trust?

It’s like the quote of Ronald Reagan but just with one additional word: Never trust, but verify

Zero trust ensures, identities are verified and devices are safe before you can access your corporate apps and data.

*Source Microsoft

There is a lot of information available showing you the big picture and which steps you need to take. But in my opinion, some details could be just a little bit better. Of course, the Microsoft assessment tool will show you some steps to take.

This short blog (but with a big pdf in Github) will show you how to transform from nothing to a zero-trust modern organization. This flow also lists which of the ISO 27001 controls you can cross when you have implemented that section.

I hope these steps will help you with your work and making sure you are not forgetting anything.

rudyooms84/Migration-path-to-a-zero-modern-trust-workplace (

Please contact me if I missed something. I will try to update the flow as much as possible.

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