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Last Updated on June 25, 2020 by rudyooms

I have been thinking a lot about creating a website and to start blogging. The time is now. This a video (in dutch…) how I configured one of my test office365 tenants.

The setup of this tenant took about a half-hour. Below the video are some details of what I have done in about a half-hour (after waiting a long time for the Microsoft 365 Business License to be activated on the tenant)

Some stuff I had to do manually. The rest is PowerShell automated. I have uploaded a video to this blog post for you to check it out.

As you can see in the video below. The device is manually enrolled. No EULA, No admin permissions and a secured device.

In the upcomming blog posts I will tell you how I have done this and how you can do the same…


-Configuring MDM for Windows/Apple/Android (google playstore/ apple mdm manually)
-Configuring Microsoft Store (manually)
-Company Branding (manually)
-App Protection policies
-Enrollment restrictions
-Publishing Apps to intune and their assignments
-Enrollment status Page
-Device Configurations
-Compliance Policies (Also default Settings and Alerts)
-Microsoft Update for Business
-Windows Hello

*Security Settings
-Azure User/Group Properties
-Default compliance Policies
-Enterprise roaming
-External Colloboration
-Group Creation
-Microsoft teams
-Microsoft Commerce
-Microsoft Exchange
-Default alerts

*Conditional Access
-Modern Authentication
-Import the CA rules

*Office ATP
-Import ATP settings

-Enable Labels (manually)
-AIP Sharepoint/Onedrive
-AIP Teams
-AIP superuser
-Creating 5 Different Labels to label a new team
-BSN/Passport/Driver License Label
-Credit Card Label
-Adding the new labels to policy

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