Conditional Access “To Go”

Conditional Access “To Go”

Last week I published an overview of the best Conditional Access policies for the SMB. It can come in handy when deploying conditional access to your customers. Hopefully, you don’t make any mistakes when configuring the policies.  Like “oops” I just locked myself out of the Tenant.

So why not creating a baseline, you can simply import in your tenant?  I have seen a lot of scripts that can do the same. You have to create an App in your tenant with some permissions. After the app has been created you have to change the ID (from the app) in the deployment script.

No, no, no sir… I like to have my conditional access “to go”

So I created a very simple Powershell script, which you can deploy at any tenant within a few seconds. (The CA Rules are Disabled by default!!)

Here is a Video to see the deployment in action

Leave me a message, and I will send you the link to the Powershell Script

6 thoughts on “Conditional Access “To Go”

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  2. Hello, a big thank you for the very informative and helpful information in Mcas. I am learning a great deal by following your articles.
    Do you mind sharing the PS script you mention in the article about automating conditional access?
    Thank you very much.

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  4. HI rudyooms,

    Likwise I’d love to look at the code.

    I have to depoly CA a lot and the manual process / graph is a pain.

    Would you share?

    Kind regards

  5. Ziet er (wederom) super interessant uit! Ik ga binnenkort wat spelen met Azure. Zou je mij je scriptje kunnen mailen bij gelegenheid? Ben benieuwd!

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