Why only an Exchange Online license’s does not cut it.

Last Updated on June 25, 2020 by rudyooms

Everyone is currently using Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online. With the Corona Virus, surely Microsoft Teams has been added. We just assume that Microsoft has its security in place.

But only an Exchange Online and a Microsoft Teams license, is unfortunately not enough. Why buy a license that is almost half more expensive in addition to an Exchange online license?

You actually have to ask yourself a simple question.

What is cheaper? Opening the newspaper to read, a hacker has had access to your company data and sent phishing emails on behalf of the company to your customers. Just imagine the reputation damage and costs.

Or buying an additional Microsoft license which could prevented it?

I assume there is no reason why your  Office 365 environment has to be accessed from untrusted locations/countries.  Or the possibility to disallow “Keep me signed in” from untrusted locations. You will need Conditional Access to make sure these settings can be applied.

And of course you can implement MFA with the free version of Azure AD. But I guess you want to enforce MFA with conditional access to make sure MFA is required for all existing and new users.

It is clear that an additional license is needed, we are talking about at least an Azure Ad Premium P1 License. There are many extra features included, compared to the standard free version. These features include Conditional Access, Self Service Password reset, MFA Trusted Locations, Advanced Reporting, Company Branding and Cloud App Discovery.

So right now there is an Exchange Online license, an Azure Ad P1 license, and a Teams Trial license. And actually, you’ll also need the Office 365 Apps itself.

All license costs put together….  it might be wise to look at Microsoft 365 Business Premium, which has even more extras in addition to these components. However, there is a maximum of 300 licenses. So, this license is again a bit more expensive, but cheaper than all the individual parts put together.


Securing your Office 365 tenant is really really necessary. You will need at least an Azure Ad Premium P1, to begin with.

*Company Branding


*Conditional Access


*Mfa Trusted Locations


*Self Service Password Reset


*Advanced Reporting


*Cloud App Discovery


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