Teams, Life of Ads?

Last Updated on April 3, 2021 by rudyooms

This blog will be about some Teams news, I had some weird feelings about.

Did someone notice the: MC247825 which was posted on 30 of march?

“We will show a banner in the activity feed”. It sounds to me like some advertisements for in-house products? Maybe I am completely wrong, lets hope so.

You will need to inform your helpdesk/service desk employees, this update could end up in some tickets about a user questioning if they need to add a personal account.

Luckily you have got some options to prevent this.

  1. Raise a Microsoft support ticket and ask for an exclusion
  2. Creating a IOS/Android App configuration policy like I showed you in this blog.

The Chronicles of MAM – Call4Cloud Setting up IOS App protection policies

You will need to create an additional configuration key.

When you have configurated this key, the banner should be disabled.


I guess not every company is already using an MDM provider or configured App configuration and app protection policies. The only option you have got is to raise a support ticket….for now. I hope Microsoft will create a possibility to opt-out by creating a simple switch.

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