Proactive Remediatons: The Hidden World

Last Updated on June 22, 2022 by rudyooms

Some time ago, I wrote the blog about how you could deploy LAPS to your Azure Ad Joined devices

Deploy Intune LAPS with the use of Proactive Remediations (

In that blog, I explained how you could speed up the delivery of the Proactive remediations but I decided this solution deserves a small blog of its own, so here we go!

Sometimes when you are experimenting with ProActive remediations or just trying to test them you could want them to be executed immediately. Because you don’t want to wait a long time before it finally begins when you are testing them!

To make sure the Proactive remediation will be executed after 5 minutes, we first need the “ID” of the proactive remediation we want to speed up. You could get the ID by hovering over the ProActive remediation in Intune as shown below. The ID you need will show up at the bottom!

Now we have the right ID just open the registry and open this key as shown below:


The only two things you will need to do are: deleting the subkeys in the Execution and Reports registry key as shown below and restarting the Intune management extension service

After triggering the Microsoft Intune Management Extension (IME service) to restart, your proactive remediation will be executed again, just like you wanted!.

Do you know what’s funny, you could do the same for the new feature: Custom Compliance Policies


Sometimes when you are testing some stuff, speeding things up could be a real help. Or maybe you like coffee a lot, if so… don’t speed it up!

Speed GIFs | Tenor

One thought on “Proactive Remediatons: The Hidden World

  1. Hey Rudy

    I do not remember where I got the script, but it is usefull for getting the ID of the proactive scripts.

    #Get Graph API Intune Module
    Install-Module NuGet
    Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Graph.Intune
    Import-Module Microsoft.Graph.Intune -Global

    #The path where the scripts will be saved
    $Path = “C:\temp”

    #The connection to Azure Graph
    $Main_Path = “”

    #Get Graph scripts
    $List_All_Scripts = (Invoke-MSGraphRequest -Url $Main_Path -HttpMethod Get).value
    $List_All_Scripts | out-gridview

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